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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  November 6, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm CST

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it's election day but the campaigning doesn't stop. president obama hits a south side campaign office to get make some get-out-the-vote calls while mitt romney stumps in ohio in hopes of winning a crucial swing state. good afternoon. i'm steve sanders. and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. the president was up and that around 9:00. >> and camped out on this
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corner. >> he made an unscheduled stop at a campaign field office not far from here. there were lots of tears hugs, smiles. this is the same office he made a surprise visit to two weeks ago. his feeling about his chanceshe is feeling good about his chances. >> i ended up having some confidence in the decency and goodness. we are working so hard. don't use their to
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governor romney, congratulations on a spirited campaign. >> the president was cheered by his small group of ksupporters. >> across the street at the high-school they shouted and waved at the president. the president jokingly told them to go back to class. the president
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will also follow his election day ritual and play basketball of some of his buddies. he will also get a haircut from his longtime barber. after that he goes down to mccormick place where he will be delivering a victory speech or a concession speech. he is obviously hoping for the former parentr. vice president joe biden and his wife, jill, voted this morning at a high school in greenville delaware. biden represented delaware as a u-s senator for 36 years before becoming president obama's running mate. as he was leaving the voting booth, biden was asked whether it was the last time he'd cast a ballot for himself. he smiled and answered, no, i don't think so. increasing speculation over a possible presidential bid of his own four years from now. before heading to cleveland to join romney. vice presidential nominee paul ryan, along with
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his wife and children, cast his ballot this morning in janesville, wisconsin. ryan has another campaign event this afternoon in richmond, virginia. besides the presidency, control of congress is at state in the election. at present there are 242- republicans 193-democrats. democrats would need a net pickup of 25-seats across the country to regain control. several of the key races are in illinois. in the u-s senate-- 33 seats are
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up for election. the democrats currently hold a 53 to 47 voting majority. seven races are considered toss ups, including seats in wisconsin and indiana. control of the illinois house is also at stake. democrats have 64 seats compared to 54 for republicans. republicans would have to add six seats but when the districts were re-drawn, it gave the advantage to democrats to keep their majority. the illinois senate is under democratic control and experts expect it to stay that way. democrats have a 35 to 24 majority. one question is whether they could pick up another seat. that would give them a veto- proof majority. the constitution says the senate needs a three- fifiths majority to override a veto by the governor. shortly after the polls opened today. there were reports of voters being sent to the wrong polling places and glitches in election websites. wgn's nancy loo is live at a polling facility in the logan square neighborhood with the latest.
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out 20 percent of chicago voters have in the polling place for this election. >> i do not want to go into a basement somewhere. to to redistricting it is not his polling place anymore. he claims the board of elections never let him workers figured
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out the issue and left work in order to return to logan square to vote. >> understand is a huge and initiative burden for them. this is kind of what they do. they should get this worked out before the election. despite some late start.
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>> a new animal that they're dealing with. an unbelievable amount of traffic coming through. the web site is getting all jammed up this morning. some of that traffic related to changes in people's polling places. >> about 20 percent of our voters are in the polling places. many of them may have
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already voted hopefully they read the piece of mailing that e-mail to every household in this city of chicago. some degree of frustration. for about a two-hour. it was an eye to the issue appeared >> the unprecedented amount of web increase overloaded the system and they had to redirect traffic to the state poll finder. if you log on to the web site you will actually be redirected to a poll finder. to
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have to deal with than unbelievable day lose of traffic. also adding to the problem, press inquiries from around the world. folks just logging on to the chicago website. basically is jammed it all up. >>next wgn political analyst paul lisnek joins us to weigh in on what could happen today. plus some of the controversial issues voters are taking on. also ahead, the latest as victims attempt to pick up the pieces after hurricane sandy and how it could affect voter turnout on the east coast. and later, investigators launch a new search for stacy peterson.
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liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? >> reports said police believe the government sought out one
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particular person. dozens of police are at the scene. streets in the area are closed. joining us now, our political analyst paul lisnek, host of "politics tonight" on c-l-t-v. good morning. many instances we are looking forward and say in what is going to happen? >> everybody is talking about what each would win. those on decided to our home, if you're watching a little bit of televisionion. >> it will be seen as a
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rejection of the parent everybody gets a 20 percent cut across the board. it is all those questions that come into play. what you have a winner all of these promises go out the window. >> all this depends on what kind of senate and house have to deal with. >> republicans need three new seats in the senate.
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>> are looking at another four years of gridlock? >> the first time around another republican mission there's enough evidence to suggest that they didn't want to work with him and limit what could be accomplished. the second time
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there would be no need to worry about it is his last term. he would get a honeymoon. up front. >> of barack obama pulls off virginia like he did in 2008, think is going to be a telltale sign that things are shifting in the other direction. >>as the rest of the nation
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focuses on the presidential election. many victims of super storm sandy still don't have electricity. in the hardest hit areas on staten island many people can't even return to their homes. lost loves ones heirlooms daily life is about meeting basic needs for shelter and food. for many they say the election is a world away. politics has no meaning parents of them really matter as of now. >> for those still plan to vote they say gives them a sense of empowerment. for those who still plan to vote today. they say it gives them a sense of empowerment even if it's a small one. some controversial ballot measures could make history in several states. voters in alabama, florida montana, and wyoming will decide today whether to prohibit individuals and businesses from being required to participate in the health care system. that's a key component of
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president obama's health care law. the initiatives are largely symbolic, because the proposals violate existing federal law under the affordable health care act. voters in maine, maryland and washington state will decide whether to legalize same sex marriage. if it passes in any of those three states, it would be the first time same-sex marriage was made legal by popular vote. it was legalized in six other states by legislation or court orders. and voters in colorado, oregon and washington will decide whether recreational use of marijuana should be legal. the proposals would allow adults to posess small amounts of pot that would be subject to state regulation and taxes. a legal battle with the federal government is expected if it passes in any of the states. >>stay with wgn for all your election coverage. we'll check in on the polls on the wgn news at five. then tune in for the politics
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tonight election special at 6 on cltv. the wgn news election special begins at seven. and as always you can follow all of our coverage online at wgn tv dot-com slash decision 20-12. >>next the true financial cost of this year's election. making it the most expensive ever. and, still to come this midday. why experts are warning consumers food prices are about to go up even more. and later in lunchbreak: a twist on a lunch classic. instead of a
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when it is all said and done this election is the most expensive today. it is expected to cost more than $6 billion. that is according ton. can actually end up being even more because many outside groups to not disclose their spending. in new jersey people displaced by superstar sandy are allowed to vote by e-mail or
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fax. that is raising a lot of skepticism. we will likely hear a lot more about that. expect to pay more for food. he says food has been cheap in the past. over the next 20 years that is going to be changing. suzuki is exiting the u.s. car market as part of its bankruptcy reorganization. the automaker will no longer sell any new cars in the united states. the move does not affect sales of motorcycles. we have a big rally on our hands. that was me...
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questions? anyone have occasional constipation diarrhea, gas, bloating? yeah. one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. approved! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'. the search continues in a shorewood forest preserve for drew peterson's missing fourth wife stacy.
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state police, f-b-i agents and search dogs from plainfield all scoured the hammel woods area yesterday. stacy peterson vanished five years ago last week and drew who was convicted of killing his third wife, kathleen savio remains the only suspect. the search is descibed by a police source as periodic and is not tied to any specific clues or tips. attorneys are making their closing arguments today in the trial of a man charged with killing eight people in illinois and missouri four years ago. after six days of prosecution testimony, 33-year-old nicholas sheley told the judge he would not take the stand in his trial for the death of a man in downstate sterling. his lawyer then rested the defense without calling a witness. sheley was already sentenced to life in prison for the murder of a galesburg man. closing statements are also underway in the civil trial accusing the chicago police department of trying to cover up the notorious beating of a bartender by a former cop. the victim, karolina obrycka claims a code of silence led investigators to protect officer anthony abbate and coerce her to sign a misdemeanor complaint. abbate was eventually charged with a felony after the videotape of the drunken beating went public.
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closing statements are also underway in the civil trialtg id
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there is some grain moving in right now. it has been mixed with snow. folks on the east coast are staring at a far larger weathered dilemma. here's the overcast that replaced the sun shine in which we awakened this morning. one of the election days ahead '70s. what a difference an election makes.
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the november election days have been rainy. we're in the 12th consecutive day of below normal temperatures. that is the longest streak of subnormal temperature and over three years. this dark cloud is the beginning of another major storm taking shape on the east coast. here's the system that is really
12:33 pm
going to spend up over the next couple of days. this will not be a sandy. they're still in some trouble along the coastline. these are winds predicted that 745 tomorrow. 50 mi. per hour on long island. 50 mi. per hour up by connecticut. this kind of just sits there and spends these winds. here is the view of
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around midnight, the moisture evaporates. here's the little area of rain as the storm beryl's up the coast. look at this jet stream pattern. weaver going to warm up big time. we
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can have a near record 70 degree temperatures on saturday and sunday. potential for accumulating snow near the coastlines. you can see how the storm spin's moisture on to the jersey coast. a continues north and cape cod and parts of new england. here is where the snow may accumulate. era of various models. their way of all that.
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one more look ahead att it. will show you what is coming our way this weekend. this is a mammoth a low pressure of its own. it will open up the golf and blow wind in from the south and through the atmosphere over the weekend. that is how you warm up at this time of the year. we have a warm weekend on the way. occasional light rain develops from a thick overcast this afternoon. high temperatures today 45. cloudy and sprinkle a tonight. tomorrow
12:37 pm
is cloudy and chile but partly sunny in the afternoon. a lot of wind from the south. time for today's trivia. who was the first united states president to live in the white house? a. george washington b. thomas jefferson c. john adams the answer still to come this midday!
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time for sports. the bears will be on the national stage again this sunday night, when they host the seven- and- one texans. the bears have won two straight in prime-time, but they struggled in their only loss to the packers on "thursday night football."
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jay cutler connected with brandon marshall for three touchdowns last week, but cutler says the offense still needs to be consistent for four quarters. the bulls host the orlando magic at seven tonight. the magic are without dwight howard, but have gotten off to a two- and- oh start. glen davis is their leading scoring with 25- points a game. the bulls are two- and- one, and coming off a bad home loss to the new oreans hornets on saturday. >>in medical watch. a new study finds that cocaine users are at much greater risk of suffering cardiac arrest. even those who only use the drug a few times a year. australian researchers used magnetic resonance imaging to measure the effects of the drug in 20 otherwise healthy adults who "chronically" used cocaine. the researchers report the recreational cocaine users had
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tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores have had hepatitis b have been treated for heart failure, or if, while on enbrel, you experience persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. [ phil ] get back to the things that matter most. ask your rheumatologist if enbrel is right for you. [ doctor ] enbrel, the number one biolog medicine prescribed by rheumatologists. >>in today's lunchbreak the perfect fall sandwich and side duo. the p-b-l-t sandwich with sweet n spicy slaw. justin frankenberg is a chef with chucks manufacturing. thanks for coming in.
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this is a great dish. we no rmally do fries. does not sound like a restaurant, sounds like a business. >> is paying homage to him with a name. what i'm doing over
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here is i'm putting it together to make sure. giving it a little kick. we have a vinaigrette dressing that we shake around. most traditional have manas. this sounds better. >> we're going to give the same mix. it is so colorful as well. this can just sort of hang out and sit and allow all of the juices and flavors to marinate.
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>> out let it go for probably a half an hour. definitely want to give it some time. we already have some bread ready. a little bit of cilantro. some saw and pepper. wonderful flavors. to make sure the man the is the not kid in theremayonaise does not sog
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it out. a little bit of leaf lettuce. some fresh tomatoes. you want to make sure you season your tomatoes. >>salt and pepper. >>the one traditional part of the sandwich. the bacon comes from the belly of the pork. >>i love that you do little tiny versions.
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>>that is the easy part. >>that bring your appetite. open seven days a week. whenever you are hungry and want to find justin, thanks so much for joining us. chucks manufacturing is at 224 north michigan avenue. they're open seven days a week to learn more check out chucks manufacturing dot com. for today's recipe, ú= questions?
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president george washington commissioned the building of the white house during his term as president. however, construction was not completed until three years into the term of america's second president john adams. president adams and his family moved from philadelphia, pennsylvania to the white house in 1800. it is a collection day. rain is imminent. we have some reports of snow to the west of us. the wind chills make it feel like it is a low 30's. dew point is 33. the water temperature is at 47.
12:58 pm
a big storm coming up the east coast. this is less than a week and a half after sandy hit the midlantic coast. by thursday we should be getting up to the upper 50s. here is when it gets seriously warmer. on saturday and sunday. there's quite a demarcation between the cold air that come in monday. there could be heavy rain as that happens. look at the pressure gradient right there. this will sit there and spendin. it is going to sit there and do its thing for a while. we will widen the view
12:59 pm
because not only do we have that storm in the atlantic put this huge thing in the center of the country. you will see that in the forecast. temperatures away above normal. the looks like the bears game could be played in 60 degree temperatures sunday evening. although there may be a sunday evening thunderstorm.


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